Our Movement

A word from our Founders: 

Eco Rainbow Goddesses are the keepers of the earth, of living naturally and in tune with nature’s life giving nutrients that regenerate our health. We are a women owned organization meant to return the knowledge of earth based nutrition to the people of the planet.

We travel the world learning about different cultures and nutritional superfoods that we can add to our repertoire of super healing agents of change for the best possible nutrition to bring to you and your loved ones good health for years to come.


Eco Rainbow Goddesses is an NGO (non-for-profit) empowering women, families, and communities to live their best life in harmony with nature. Most women in today’s modern world are unaware of healthy lifestyle solutions that they can bring to their homes and family to prevent disease and ecological destruction. Women are responsible for making up to 80 % of domestic lifestyle choices when it comes to what products & food is purchased for the household if we can educate women to make wise lifestyle choices we empower the world.

Ever Pineda and Angie Rainbow G

Our Mission and Vision

Eco Rainbow Goddesses a non-for-profit organization. Our mission is to support women their families and their communities to live their best life in harmony with nature. To create abundance and fruitful capital for future generations. 

Our vision is a world where all beings are free of suffering, where people find themselves in a state of abundance, happiness, and where they have access to clean water, food, air, shelter, love, security, prosperity and regenerative education. 

"The Ashwagandha really balanced my mood, and I went from depressed to VIBRANT! Sometime I get anxious when I see my parents, so I take this immediately after, and it helps me get thought right away!"
Ally Zenteno

Our Story

We started as an non-profit organization that was created to fullfill an ancient Hopi prophecy, where a new generation of humans from all walks of life and creed would come to Earth and make it green again. They would be known as Warriors of the Rainbow and help save the planet.


Our goal has always been to create a shift in consciousness by supporting women, their families, and their communities to live their best life in harmony with nature. We mobilize to one day, not to long from now, build a network of eco-villages around the world, where education, housing, and living resources become accessible for those who want to transition to a Regenerative Earth!


A few years have passed and we have begun a new initiative to fund our first eco-village. 

When thinking where to start, we have realized that we must start with ourselves.

Our foundation, our root connection which is our body’s nutrition.

It comes down to this, by giving ourselves tools to empower and heal our bodies, we make better decisions.


That’s why, we have created our line of products called Mind Body Essentials which seek to create and promote great tasting smart foods, and health products. 


Our line of natural remedies and herbal supplements are designed to support you regaining your sense of nourishment, naturally, with NO additives, NO colorings, No fillers, and Fully Organic!

Our current line showcases: Activated Tumeric for inflammation, Ashwagandha capsules for mood control, Ceylon Cinnamon increased metabolism, Elderberry with Zinc for immunity, CBD for pain relief, and Beetroot for better circulation!


Part of our profits will go to improving our packaging to be plastic free by 2023! And to building eco-villages around the world starting with Costa Rica, creating educational programs for women, men, and children to be prosperous in mind and body wellness!



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